Is Nutrition Coaching for me?

I get a lot of questions around nutrition coaching. What is it, will it work for me, what do I have to do….etc. In today’s blog post I will answer your frequently asked questions about nutrition coaching and tell you exactly who nutrition coaching is for.

  1. What is nutrition coaching? Nutrition coaching is what is says, coaching on nutrition. If you coach with me, we meet 1 time per week and we work on things like mindset, creating new habits, creating new behaviors. We talk about your struggles and celebrate your success. You are given a program to follow that will help you reach your weight loss goals.
  2. Do I have to be local to nutrition coach with you? No, I work with people all over the USA. If you are not local we typically meet via my conference line. The same coaching applies whether we meet in person or online.

3. Who needs nutrition coaching? Honestly, everyone needs nutrition coaching. There is so much misinformation out there. It is hard enough for a professional to read through it all, let alone a non-professional to try to figure it out. The perfect nutrition client for me is one that is willing to do the hard work. One that is willing to change their habits, behaviors and mindset to become successful.

One of my clients, Melissa, just completed a 3 month program with me and she did AMAZING. Not only did she lose 18lbs, 7 inches and 5% body fat but she also had an intrinsic goal. She wants to be in control of her health. She doesn’t want to fall victim to diabetes or another health condition that she could have prevented due to her lifestyle.

So, why was she so successful when some clients are not as successful or choose to not see their success? This is why:

From Melissa: “Back in April, I was invited to try something.
For 12 weeks, eat a balanced diet, exercise, drink 1/2 my body weight in water AND meet weekly with a coach.

With nothing to lose, and being sick and tired of being sick and tired, I accepted.
I knew it would be challenging. I knew it would be uncomfortable at times. I knew I could fail … but I also knew … I could WIN.

Ya’ll, I didn’t know that 12 weeks later I’d feel the way I do.
Yup, I’m lighter. I lost 5% body fat, gained 2% muscle. Lost 7 inches, and I’m down a paint and shirt size. Oh yes, and lost 18 lbs ðŸŽ‰

But I feel empowered! I feel strong ðŸ’ªðŸ» I feel like I know how to handle tricky situations involving food. I know how to balance out my meals, so that my body can function the way it’s supposed to. I’m not afraid of Diabetes anymore. My knees don’t hurt anymore, and my stamina!!! Oh my gosh, I can push myself now when working out, it’s so great and FUN!!

People need coaches!! Not just a room, with people listening to some skinny minnie yammering on and on about points. We need one on one attention. We’re not created to do things alone!!!

You can contact my friend, my coach, Lisa Glamm Holtan she’ll come along side you and guide you!!! She’ll help open your tired eyes to what is possible! I am SO grateful for her!!

I’m not done! I’m equipped to continue to move forward, and I can’t wait to see how far I can go 💪🏻”

As you can see, it is her attitude, her willingness to learn something new, to be venerable, to work with a coach that makes her so successful. Melissa and I did not do anything different then I do with my other clients, but what makes her different is her desire to change. She was ready and willing do the hard work because for her that hard work was better then staying in her current situation.

So, are you ready to do the hard work? Are you so sick of feeling sick, tired, and hurting that doing the hard work is better then staying in your current situation? If so, then you are the perfect nutrition client. Click here to schedule your discovery call with me. Hope to chat with you soon!

look at her smile-her confidence-I love it!