Stress and Your Body

Stress and Your Body

There has been a lot of research on stress and the effects on your body lately.  A majority of us are under stress and don’t know how to deal with it properly, therefore, the body has to try and deal with it, which can cause other issues (weight gain, increased anxiety, sleep problems, heart palpitations, high blood pressure)

When you are under stress your cortisol hormone increases (cortisol is a fat-storing hormone) which gives us the fight or flight response.  Our bodies are not meant to be under constant stress without any rest.  When our bodies are under constant stress vitamin and mineral depletion occur in the body.  Stress can change your metabolism and cause the body to hold on to stimulating vitamins/minerals.  If the stress continues the body will slowly lose it’s ability to adequately store sedative minerals and vitamins.

So, how do we stop this effect on our body or slow it?

  1. Take a multi-vitamin: by taking a multi-vitamin you are giving your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to respond to the stress you are placing on it and replace any vitamins/minerals it is losing.
  2. Breathe: it seems simple yet most of us do shallow breathing especially when under stress.  Sit in a chair (no slouching) take a deep breathe in (to the count of 6 and feel your rib cage and belly expand) then exhale out your mouth like you are blowing out a straw.  Do this 5 times and you will feel your shoulders start to relax.  Do this breathing technique anytime you start to feel stressed as a way to slow your body and mind down.
  3. Eat healthy: did you know that eating a lot of sugar and processed foods is stressful for your body?  By eating healthy foods you are not only helping your waistline but you are also helping your cells!  Include 5-7 servings of fruits/veggies per day along with protein and whole wheat carbohydrates to help you feel your best.Implement these tips into you day and you should start to feel calmer soon!

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