Summer Activity Exercises

Spring is here, which means summer is coming soon!! If you love being outdoors in the summer months then start incorporating these exercises into your routine. I have something for everyone, the beginner, the golf enthusiasts and the gardener.

By incorporating these exercises into your routine you will strengthen your core and balance to help you become a better golfer or better yet, to reduce your risk of injury. So, here we go……..

This exercise is great for beginners because you can hold on to the TRX handles for support. For advanced exercisers instead of bending your knee keep the leg straight out in front of you to make this more challenging. This exercise is great for anyone that needs to improve their balance or does a sport that involves standing on 1 leg like, softball, baseball and golf. This is a 1 legged squat on the TRX

The next exercise is great for those of you that play baseball, softball, tennis, golf, kayaking….basically anything that involves rotation and balance. To make this exercise easier put your toes on the floor. To make it harder you can increase the weight-I would recommend starting light and working your way up.

The last exercise is great for everyone. It strengthens your core, glutes and is considered a cardio move as well-the Kettle bell swing. Whether you are an avid gardener or a golfer adding this move into your exercise routine will help you strengthen the kinetic chain. If you are a beginner I would recommend having a personal trainer or Kettle bell instructor teach you correct form. Start with light weight and move up once you feel ready

By adding these exercises into your routine now, you can strengthen the muscles you will be using during your summer activities to reduce your risk of injury and to help you perform better.

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