Train like a Man

Train Like A Man

A lot of women who go on a diet and exercise plan with their husbands get frustrated when they see their husband losing weight faster.  I get asked all the time “why is he losing weight when he eats chips.  I don’t eat anything and I still am not losing as much weight as he is”.  I use to say “it’s hormones, men are different then women…etc”  That is true, but the more I thought about it and the more I watched men vs women working out at the gym the more my opinion changed.

When men want to lose weight they go to the gym and pick up the heavy weights and start lifting.  When women want to lose weight they go to the gym and head for the treadmill.  And there is the secret……..get off the treadmill and lift some heavy weights.  Cardio alone is not going to help you lose the weight you want or make your body look the way you want it to look.  Strength training will help you reach your goals.  And please put down the 5lbs weights!  Seriously, your purse weighs more then 5lbs and you carry that around all day!  Pick up a weight that is heavy enough that you can feel your muscles working by the last few reps.  Then every month increase the weight your lifting by 2%.  You will see a difference in your body shape.

The other thing that men do differently then women when trying to lose weight:  it is not an emotional thing for them.  They don’t say ” this food is bad, this food is good.  I’m a bad person if I eat that…etc”  For them food is just food.  Women-get out of your own head.  Food is not good or bad.  You are not a bad person if you eat a candy bar.  If a guy eats a doughnut he doesn’t dwell on it for the rest of the day.  I’m not saying to go out there and eat junk food, but I am saying if you do stop dwelling on it.  You ate it, so move on.  It doesn’t mean you blew your diet.  It means you ate it ( I hope you enjoyed it otherwise don’t eat it) and now continue on with your day.

Next time you wonder why your guy is losing weight and your not, try picking up the heavy weights at the gym and stop worrying so much-you will see a change.

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