Weekend Binge

Weekend Binge


Do you find that it is easy to stay on track with your healthy eating plan during the week but when the weekend rolls around it all goes out the window?  If this is you, I have some tips that will help you stay on track during the weekend and still enjoy your favorite foods and drinks.

Let’s first talk about why people do this.  Why do you sabotage all your hard work from the week?

  1. A lot of people feel that they deserve that treat on the weekend because they worked so hard all week at being healthy.  This mindset comes from viewing your healthy eating as work so you want to reward yourself.
  2. The dieting mindset-a lot of people have a “dieting” mindset.  Meaning there is a start and stop time for when you diet.  You view the diet as starting on Monday and ending on Friday.
  3. No real why-in order to stay on track with your goals your why has to be BIG enough so you want to eat healthy all the time not just Monday through Friday.
  4. Schedule-most of us work Monday through Friday.  Our weekdays are scheduled for us.  It is easier to stay on track when you have a schedule.  When the weekends roll around we don’t have that schedule and feel lost so we throw the towel in on everything and just say it’s easier to get back on track come Monday.

Ok, so now that you know why you do this, here are some tips to help you avoid the weekend binge

  1. You have to stop thinking of healthy eating as work.  Think of it as a lifestyle change.  You are doing this to change your lifestyle.  Not every day will be perfect, you are learning new habits, how to cook new foods or how to order healthier food when you are out to eat but keep at it and you will see the results.  When you feel like throwing in the towel remember your WHY!
  2. Have an indulgence meal on the weekends.  It will help you from feeling deprived during the week.  Plan out when you are going to have it and enjoy it.  Just get back on track your next meal
  3. When at restaurants choose healthier options of your favorite foods.  If you love buffalo chicken get a buffalo chicken salad.  If you love hamburgers get one with no bun and share the fries, if you love fettuccine Alfredo then share it with your friend or order a smaller portion
  4. When you are at happy hour drink water between each alcoholic beverage and drink something you like.  I would rather drink 2 great tasting drinks then 10 low-calorie beers that I don’t think taste all that great.
  5. Need a chocolate fix? Have 1 square of dark chocolate.  It will help stop the sweet craving and it portion controlled for you.

If losing weight is your goal you MUST learn to conquer the weekends.  You can easily drink an extra 775 calories in 1 weekend night.  Don’t derail everything you worked for all week.  Remember-you can’t outrun your fork!

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