Why don’t you care?

This is always the question I want to ask people, “Why don’t you care?” why don’t you care about your health, about how you feel, about your life? Why do you push it aside and say, “I’ll deal with it later”. Later never comes….but heart disease does, diabetes does, death does…….so why are you choosing to live an ok life when you could be living an AMAZING life?

I don’t understand why you don’t care about your health or why you start to care about it when it gets taken from you? Like when your doctor tells you you need to lose weight, stop eating all the processed foods and get healthy before your body gets worse. OR I really don’t understand why you just accept the prescribed drugs (swallowing a band-aid) instead of figuring out how to feel better and get off the drugs.

I think a lot of people think that getting healthy will be harder then staying where they are but in reality it is not. Staying where you are will result in challenges you may not want to face in the future. Except that swallowing your prescribed drugs is easier then changing your habits…..until it’s not and then it’s too late.

So, I want to offer you an easy solution. I know that not everyone likes to learn how to be healthy or wants to exercise (I completely don’t understand it, but I realize not everyone is crazy like me 🙂 ) What if I told you, you could start to become healthy by taking a vitamin? What if I told you, you could start to feel better by taking a probiotic for gut health and to reduce your bloat? What if I told you, you would gain more energy if you added Vitamin B or D to your daily routine?

Taking a vitamin is NOT a quick fix and it is NOT a band-aid. Supplements (vitamins/minerals) help your body get the nutrients it needs to thrive. We can’t get all our nutrients from our food supply. Especially if you are eating a lot of processed foods. Even if you aren’t the soil is depleted and the chemicals sprayed on the food we eat are doing more harm then good. By adding in vitamins to your daily routine you are helping your body get the nutritients it needs to thrive and start taking that step to being healthy.

Think about how you would feel if you had more energy. Perhaps you would go on a walk with your kids or cook supper. Perhaps the extra energy means you start a hobby instead of watching TV for 4 hours at night.

Think about how you would feel if your joints didn’t hurt in the morning when you got out of bed. How would that make your day better?

Think about how you would feel if you lost some weight? Extra bloat = extra weight. Reduce bloat = reduce weight

Think about how you would feel if your doctor told you, you could go off your high blood pressure medicine because you had started easy, healthy habits that reduced it naturally?

How would your life change if you started taking a vitamin per day? It really can be that easy but it’s up to you to start to care about YOU, about your HEALTH and about your FAMILIES health.

Are you ready to step up and start? I will be with you the entire way, guiding you and supporting you through your journey. It doesn’t matter if you are ready to change it all or just 1 small step. Because 1 small step is all it takes to start to turn your life around.

Reach out to me at ptwithlisa@gmail.com or on instagram @inspiredandconsciouscoaching or www.lisaholtan.com to get started with your new daily habit.