139. Empowering you to embrace your form

In this epsiode we are chatting with Susie Taaffe, the founder of Skanties, the anti-shapewear company. We chat about confidence, empowering women and much more!

Susie Taaffe is the CEO and founder of Skanties anti-shapewear, dedicated to empowering women to embrace their natural form, reject unnatural beauty standards, and celebrate their unique and beautiful bodies. Skanties undergarments integrate the comfort of yoga pants, the silkiness of nylon, and the breathability and hygienic use of cotton underwear that circumvent panty lines, thigh chafe and muffin tops.

Susie is at the forefront of the anti-shapewear movement, which rejects prolonged body compression and the use of non-breathable synthetic materials that can have harmful effects. With her decade experience working as an engineer and having designed and manufactured her own maternity clothing brand, Susie successfully launched Skanties in the Australian market in 2019 as a single mother of three young children.

When Susie’s husband left her four years prior, she took life’s harsh blow as a massive call to action. Suddenly a single mother with three young kids under the age of 5, Susie used her previous manufacturing contacts and design experience to turn her anti-shapewear idea into a global business. Known as PettiPants Underwear by Missy Massy in Australia, these unique undergarments combine comfort, style, and practicality, offering women a revolutionary clothing item that promotes body positivity and self-love. Under Susie’s leadership, Missy Massy’s innovative approach to fashion and body image has garnered recognition. In 2023, they were finalists in the Championing Health category at the prestigious Telstra Business Awards. Additionally, Susie was the proud recipient of the 2022 Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Women in Business Grant.

Beyond her accomplishments, what defines Susie is her empathetic understanding of people’s struggles with self-confidence and body image. From her shy days in primary school to her battle with body image, she has found strength in vulnerability. Her goal extends beyond selling a product — she is building a movement, helping people appreciate their bodies as they are, and empowering them to feel good from the inside out. A woman whose ultimate goal is to make people’s lives better, Susie’s resilient journey from engineer to fashion designer, single mother to successful entrepreneur inspires and motivates.

Having launched Skanties in the U.S. market in 2023, Susie continues to expand this global movement, remaining dedicated to helping women reclaim their feminine power through fashion, and to empower people to love themselves from the inside out.

Susie was named as one of the Top 30 Personalities Disrupting The Fashion Industry In 2022 and can be seen in People Magazine, 18 Summers podcast, New York Weekly, Grazia, The NYC JournalKiddipedia, Champagne Divorce Party, ‘Tude Talk TV, and more.

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