25. Get out of your own way and play bigger

Welcome to this week’s episode! Today our guest, Nazy Massoud, and I give you tips to help you get out of your own way so you can create the wealth and impact you crave.

Nazy Massoud, creator of the Wealth Accelerator MethodTM,
advises smart and ambitious women entrepreneurs on how to
get out of their own way, own their voice and uniqueness, play
a bigger game, and create their wealth and impact, so they can
enjoy a fun and fulfilling life!
With 20+ years of cumulated success on both Wall Street,
working on trading floors of such financial giants as Morgan
Stanley, UBS, Chase, and JP Morgan, and being a trusted
advisor for more than 2,500+ executives, managers, and
entrepreneurs around the world, Nazy has extensive
knowledge of little-known insider secrets behind the success of
the top 5% of achievers.

Guided by her innate sense of intuition combined with her in-depth and diverse experience,
Nazy is able to get to the heart of the matter quickly and fast track her clients’ results so they
can live the life they want and enjoy the personal and financial freedom they desire.
She has been featured in The Traders Journal, Business Day Live, Financial Brains, and The
Market Oracle, among others.
Nazy is on a mission to empower women entrepreneurs to break through their own self-imposed
glass ceilings, reclaim their voice, own their uniqueness and worth, play a bigger game, live the
life they want and enjoy the personal and financial freedom they desire..
If you are truly committed to generating more wealth, meaning and freedom in your life and
business, you are invited to schedule a Wealth Impact Breakthrough Consultation with Nazy by
going to CallWithNazy.com

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