41. Increase your confidence with this secret tip with guest Angel Johnstone

In today’s episode our guest, Angel Johnston, tells us about a little secret to help you boost your confidence! Get ready to take the world by storm.

Angel Johnstone is an erotica author that promotes and teaches increased confidence in women by
tapping into their most underutilized power source: desire. It is her belief that women lead when they
can own their full power and part of that power is their sexuality. Many women find themselves in mid-
life searching for that lost power as they have “turned off” in order to get through the hectic days with
kids, spouses, parents and co-workers all looking for support and nurturing. In order to live fully,
women need to turn passion back on and explore deep desires, with wild abandon. Angel writes
female-centric erotica short stories, runs an online toy and lingerie business, and teaches classes on
pleasure, couples connection, and feminine confidence both in and out of the bedroom.

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