5 Tips to Reduce Stress and Slim down

Stress can cause fatigue, headaches, irritability, low self-esteem….etc  Did you know stress can even contribute to belly fat!  Before you start stressing about that, here are 5 tips to help you reduce stress and slim down.


1.  Drink up-drinking water will make you feel full and give you energy.  When you are dehydrated you feel more tired and have less energy which makes everything seem more overwhelming.

2. Stand up straight- stand up straight, pull in your abs and you will instantly look taller, thinner and makes you feel more confident.

3. Eat healthy snacks- when under pressure most people tend to eat foods that are processed and high in fat and salt.  So keep healthy snacks on hand for when you are feeling stressed.  Reach for these snacks: peanuts, if you want salt,  string cheese, if you crave protein, or a small piece of dark chocolate, if you want sweet.

4. Step away from the electronics-since we are all so connected now days, you feel like you need to constantly check emails, texts, facebook…etc.  Step away from it all for 15 minutes and just breathe

5. Do your workouts-working out is one of the most effective stress busters.  If you can’t hit the gym, go for a walk outside during your lunch hour or lift weights when you get home.  Sticking to your workout routine will help you relieve stress and stay slim!


Now I want to hear what you do to relieve stress.  Leave a comment below with your stress buster tips!

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  1. Kevin

    July 25, 2013 at 6:06 pm

    A deep breath always seems to help!

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