5 Ways to Avoid Hidden Sugars

Did you know the average American consumes 13% of their daily calories from hidden ADDED sugar.  That is sugar you don’t even know you are consuming!  That can lead to weight gain, joint issues…etc.  So here are 5 tips to cut back on hidden added sugar.

1.  Low-fat salad dressings -The food industry adds sugar to low-fat salad dressings to make them taste better.  Instead, have a little bit of the full-fat version (it will taste way better too!) OR try a vinger and olive oil dressing.

2.  Tomato Sauce-again, added sugar here.  Check the label, try to buy tomato sauces with no added sugar or one with a lesser amount.  Better yet, eat a whole tomato!

3. Proceesed Baked Goods-lots o’ added sugar here.  The best way to cut back on this, is to bake from scratch.  You know what is going into the food and the kids will enjoy helping you!

4. Yogurt-yup, some yogurts have more added sugar in them then a candy bar!  Check your labels and try to buy yogurts with 10g of sugar or less.

5. Frozen, pre-packaged, smoothies- they have a ton of added sugar in them.  Make your own at home.  If you need smoothie recipes you can find one in my past post, Abs in the Kitchen.


Cutting back on hidden added sugars will help you lose weight and help with the belly bloat!


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