Are you IN?

Are you IN?

I am launching a 90 Day Challenge and I want you to participant!  It starts next week (I know-it’s very soon) and ends June 17th.  This challenge is for YOU if you are ready to lose weight, lose inches, feel energized, fit into your shorts and white jeans (spring and summer are coming!) I will be doing this challenge along with you and I am so excited!

Are you ready to take control of your health? Stop being controlled by food, sugar, caffeine and let’s start working towards your health/fitness goals.  So, what do you get in this 90 Day Challenge???

*online personal training with me (workouts designed for you and your body)

*homework (extras you can do if you want)

*Nutrition program

*weekly personalized food/health coaching appointments.  These will be done via phone call or zoom


*Dining out guide

*Email support and accountablity

*Private FB group for this challenge.  Let’s motivate and support everyone in this challenge!

You are guaranteed to lose weight, lose inches, sleep better, have more energy and feel better or your money back!  YES a 100% money back guarantee-why??? because I know this will work.  So, if you are to start feeling good in your body fill out the form below and watch the videos listed below

If you are interested in my 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge fill out this form here by Saturday!

You get FREE personal training and FREE food/health coaching and FREE accountability, motivation and support.  You do need to invest in your nutrition program.  (because we all know the correct way to lose weight and keep it off is diet+exercise).  Find the one for you by watching the videos below:


Fill in the form by Saturday, watch the videos and let me know which nutrition program speaks to you and let’s get started!!  We start on Tuesday!  YES, we can do this!  You will be so glad you did this when June 17th comes and we do your final weight and measurements.  Summer will have just begun and you can rock your new summer bod!!

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments or find me at and at