Challenge Updates

Are you curious to know how the challenge participants are doing?

I wanted to update you on the 2 challenges I have going on right now. On February 18th I started a 90 Days to Better Health Challenge with 7 participants. This challenge is all about learning how to be healthy forever……how to change habits, what to eat….etc. The participants get workouts, recipes, meal ideas and group coaching every Friday. We have discussed everything from stress eating to how to get back up when you fall off the wagon. Our 90 Days will be up on May 18th. We will re-check our bio markers at that time to see how our health has improved over the 90 days. This has been a fun challenge because it is amazing to see people’s mindset and attitude change towards food and their body.

This type of challenge is perfect for you if you are looking to replace unhealthy habits and are looking for a long term solution. You will not see fast results but you will see lasting results.

The other challenge I am currently running is the 28 Day Shakedown Challenge. The challenge participants just wrapped up week 2 and they are doing amazing!! In Week 1 they lost a combined 52.5lbs! In Week 2 they lost 22.5lbs so overall they lost 75lbs in 2 weeks! That is truly amazing. For this challenge they are drinking 2 protein shakes per day, having 1 meal replacement bar for a snack and eating supper from the food list or recipes provided to them. They also get workouts to do at home or 3 days per week of group training at Body Works. This challenge is perfect for you if you don’t like to cook or are too busy to worry about cooking, meal prepping…etc.

I love helping others work towards their health goals. These challenges are a great way to kickstart your journey to better health. If you are interested in learning about the next challenge sign up for our email list at and Make sure to watch FB (Personal Training with Lisa and Body Works Prescott) too!