Stay Fit this Summer

With these ideas:

Summer is almost here! Instead of sitting by the campfire all day long (that is fun….but) here are some ideas for getting in your steps, enjoying the sunshine and getting in some extra workouts (or your workout)

  1. Go exploring-summer is the perfect time to find a new hiking trail and go exploring. Bring water, sunscreen and a snack. If you are not into hiking find a new walking or biking trail to explore. The change of scenery is fun and it’s a great way to get in your cardio workout.
  2. Get on the water-try paddle boarding, canoeing or kayaking. You can rent equipment at most major lakes/rivers if you don’t have your own. Spend the day on the water trying something new. These activities require core strength and balance so don’t be surprised if your a bit sore the next day 🙂
  3. Play at the park-if you have small kids run around the park with them. Try out the monkey bars, climb up the wall and go down the slide. These activities use muscles that us adults don’t use very much. Plus, it will bring out the kid in you!!
  4. Try a new class-summertime is the perfect time to try a new exercise class. Sometimes, classes are even held outside, which can bring a new variation to that class. Sometimes gyms will have deals in the summer or even offer free classes. Try one out. You never know it might become a new favorite.
  5. Take up a sport/hobby. Did you use to play softball or tennis but haven’t for awhile? Try it out again. Summer is a great time to try a new sport or get re-acquainted with one. You can play with friends or if you want to be more serious find a league to play with.

I hope these ideas help you get the most out of summer this year! Enjoy the weather, the sunshine and your friends/family!!

I would love to hear from you-what is your favorite activity to do in the summer?