Final Results From The 28 Day Kickstart

Final Results From The May 28 Day Kickstart


We wrapped up our 28 Day Kickstart with our celebration meeting last night.  In 28 Days this group lost 267lbs!!  But, more importantly they learned how to eat to fuel their bodies.  The 28 Day Kickstart is  a program that jump starts your metabolism.  It teaches you how to eat the proper amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrates for your body to lose weight and gain lean muscle.  You learn servings sizes and get personalized macro nutrient recommendations.  Our next Kick start will begin in September.

Here are some before and after photographs from our winners last night:

Best journal and most positive-Brittani F .  She lost 5lbs and 4.5 inches during our 28 Day Kickstart


Runner-up-Linda P. She lost 8% of her bodyweight in only 28 days!


Winner of most inches lost-Kristen H. She lost 14.5 inches
Heather won our Above and beyond award
she lost 13.5lbs, 11.5 inches and gained 6.3lbs of lean muscle!


The winner losing 8.11% of his body weight is…..Mike


Everyone who participated in this challenge lost weight, lost inches, lost body fat and gained lean muscle.  If you are interested in getting more information about our next Kickstart, comment below or email us at or call us at 715-262-2053

If you are interested but unsure if you will like it or maybe you don’t want to commit for a full 28 days, then the Summer Slim Down is for you!  It starts July 10th and runs for 21 days.  You will get a fill for what the program is like with abbreviated nutrition, 1 day per week of group training and a FaceBook accountability group.  We only have 4 spots left for this so join today by calling us at 715-262-2053 or email us at or go to our website, and click the “I want to talk to a membership coordinator” button and we will get you signed up for the 21 Day Summer Slim down.  Price is $19 for members and $49 for non-members