It’s not working-now what?

It’s not working-now what?!


You joined a gym, you go occasionally and walk on the treadmill, you sort of eat healthy so why are you not losing weight?  In order to lose weight there is more to it then going for a walk whether you walk on a treadmill or walk outside.  AND you must eat healthy and be consistent with your healthy eating.

Our bodies crave consistency.  If you eat healthy 1 week then binge the next, you will not lose weight.  You are only harming your metabolism even more.  Learning what to eat and when to eat will help you lose weight plus being consistent is easier on your body and mind then being “good” 1 week and “bad” the next.  If you think of food as fuel for your body that might help you overcome the mindset of food being good vs bad or I ate healthy so I get a treat.  You can reward yourself, but reward yourself with something other then food.  Here are some ideas: mani/pedi, new outfit, new music, healthy cookbook….etc.

If you want to learn more about how to eat for your body, check out this blog post:

Exercise does matter when you want to lose weight, but you need to be doing the correct kind of exercise that will help shed belly fat instead of keeping it on.  Check out this blog I wrote on how cardio can make you fat!

In order to shed belly fat you need to incorporate strength training and intervals into your workout.  Start with the big muscle groups (back, legs, chest, butt) and add in 30 second cardio intervals.  This type of workout has been proven to blast belly fat and build lean muscle.  This is the type of workouts we do in Group Training and Semi Private Training.  A majority of people don’t know how to lift weights properly-which is why you should be doing Group or Semi Private Training.  You will be working with a trainer, you will be doing effective workouts to help you reach your goals and you are with other people to keep you accountable.  Learn more about it here:

How Group Training Can Help You Shed Fat

Blast Fat and Gain Muscle

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