How are they doing?

May Kickstart Update: How are they doing?

We just started week 4 of our 28 Day Kickstart nutrition program.  The recipes are fantastic!  Everyone is losing weight and I can’t wait to share with you the final results!  So far, in 3 weeks they have lost over 220lbs!!  Not only are the participants losing weight but they are learning how to eat for their bodies.  They are learning what their bodies need in order to help them lose weight and maintain that weight loss.  No more yo-yo dieting!!

During the 28 Day Kickstart everyone gets their macro nutrients personalized.  They are eating the correct amount of protein, carbs and fat grams that their bodies need to help it lose weight or maintain weight (depending on their goal)  Along with this personalized nutrition, they receive fabulous recipes.  They are family friendly, easy to follow and easy to make.  They taste delicious too!!

Here are some pictures:

Left: Watermelon and shrimp skewers

Middle: Funky Monkey Smoothie

Right: Coconut shrimp with mango salsa (not shown-Berry Salad)

Like I said before, this program is so much more then having you lose weight, it is about teaching you how to eat healthy for your body so we can keep the weight off.  Enough with the yo-yo dieting.

Watch for next week where we will revel our May 28 Day Kickstart winners and show you some amazing before/after photos plus much more!!

If you have been wondering about our nutrition program but too afraid to commit to 28 days or to 6 months then our Summer Slim Down program is for YOU!  It is 21 Days of recipes, accountability and food journaling.  You will get a taste of what our nutrition programs are like.  This is great way for you to “test the waters” and see if it is something you want to try longer term.  The Summer Slim Down nutrition program will run July 10-30th.  This program is for locals and non-locals.  All are welcome.  Let’s be honest, everyone needs to learn proper nutrition-I even learned things about my body on this program!!

Details about Summer Slim Down:

Dates: July 10-30th

What do you get: FB accountability group, Abbreviated nutrition program, before/after weigh-ins and measurements.  Locals and Non-members of Body Works also receive 1 group exercise class per week.  Non-locals will receive 2 strength workouts and 2 cardio workouts to do via our training app.

Pricing: Non-members and non-locals $49.00     Members of Body Works $19.00

Registration is open so please let us know ASAP if you want in on our Summer Slim Down by calling (715) 262-2053, emailing: OR fill out the registration form on (under the nutrition tab)

We are so excited for all our participants and we can’t wait to share all the successes this group has had!!