How’s Your New Years Resolution?

We are almost done with January. How are you doing with your New Years Resolution? Did you know that more then 1/2 of people that set New Years Resolution goals have tossed them out the window by February!? I want to help you continue with your resolution. Let’s actually accomplish our goals this year.

The #1 reason why people fail with their New Year’s resolution is due to accountability. You have no one to hold you accountable to reach your goals. The other reasons are: it doesn’t really matter that much to you, you don’t know where to begin (you need a coach), your overwhelmed with all the information (you need a coach)……do you see where I am going with this… need a coach, an accountability partner. Someone that can guide you so you can reach your goal.

If you have a health/weight loss/fitness goal this year I would love to help you reach it. I am starting a 90 Days to Better Health Challenge and this is your sign to join! This is a different challenge then what I normally do. This challenge is about helping you get healthy, so you feel better so you will want to eat healthy and start exercising, which in turn you will lose weight and inches. You will also learn new habits and gain an understanding of why you turn to food when you get emotional and how to replace that behavior with healthier habits.

I am super excited for this challenge and for the chance to work with you! This challenge is for you if you are:

  1. Ready to stop complaining and start doing something about your health
  2. Sick of being tired all the time
  3. Ready to get off the yo-yo dieting bandwagon
  4. Reaching a breaking point where you either need to take medicine or more medicine OR get healthy

What you get with this challenge:

  1. weekly group coaching calls
  2. food list to follow
  3. recipes (you can choose to use them or not)
  4. workouts for at home, at the gym and during travel
  5. optimal nutrients to help you feel your best
  6. FaceBook accountability group

If you want to watch the presentation of this click hereĀ 

The price of this challenge is just the price of your supplements. In order for you to feel your best we need to give our bodies optimal nutrients and even eating healthy will not give your body all the nutrients it needs. So, with this challenge you can choose to take the Vitalizer plan or the Life plan. You will get your fish oil, multi vitamins, Vit B/C, probiotic (in the vitalizer) or Vivex (in the LIFE). These are high quality, top of the line supplements. Feel free to read all about them and the company in the link (just click on either LIFE or Vitalizer) I am giving all the other stuff to you for FREE!!!! (I have never done that before!)

So, if you are ready to take control of your health – this challenge is for you. I guarantee you will feel better within the 1st month or your money back!

Reach out to me if you have any questions at You can also find me at and at