Results from 28 Day Kickstart

Results From 28 Day Kickstart

Our winter Balanced Habits 28 Day Kickstart is over and the results are in!  These group did an amazing job.  We had 25 participants and together this group lost over 100lbs!  Here are some of the amazing before and after photos-remember this was in 28 days.

 Patti was our Grand Prize Winner!! She won 3 free month of group training and a Body Works swag bag.

She lost 6.12% of her body weight!!  She lost 8.8% of body fat and gained 11lbs of lean muscle.

  Helen was our 2nd place winner!  She won 1 free month of group training and a Body Works tank top.  Helen lost 6.04% of her body weight!  She did an amazing job staying on track and working out!

 Jolene gained the most amount of lean muscle!!  She gained 18lbs of lean muscle!  WOWZA!!!  This is what happens when you combine strength training with proper nutrition!

Lisa was our week 2 and 4 winner, losing a total of 4.15% of her body weight.

Everyone is always curious about the food.  Here are some pictures of the food we ate during the challenge. 

As you can see the food is delicious and easy to make.  You can use the provided recipes or make your own from your food list.

And we all know that 28 days is not enough to help you reach your health and fitness goals.  It is a starting point.  What can you do in 6 months or maybe even in 9 months?  This is what can happen if you choose to be healthy, to workout, and to stay consistent with your nutrition.

Congrats to Jen for staying consistent and reaching her goals.  She not only looks amazing but she feels amazing and that is what we want to achieve.  We want you to feel the best that you can.

We only have 1 body to live in-how are you going to fuel it? With junk food or with proper nutrition?  Your decision will come back to you as you age.  Think about how you want to feel as you get older.

When you are ready to make a change, let me know.  You can find me at and