The Trend You Need To Know

Group Training-The Trend You Need To Be Doing

Group Training has become very popular in the last couple of years and the trend does not seem to be stopping.  Group Training is a great way to help you reach your health and fitness goals.  Group Training is training done with a personal trainer in a group of 5+ participants.  You will get a workout to do that will be cardiovascular and strength training based.  The trainer that works with the group will be able to offer modifications if you need them during any point of your workout.  This type of training is great for people who like to have fun while working out and who enjoy working out in a larger group setting. In these group training sessions you still have the accountability of showing up to work out with a personal trainer, but you will not have the pressure of having someone watching your every move.  Group Training feels like personal training in a group.  You have the expertise of working with a trainer and it is cheaper on the pocketbook.


3 Benefits of Group Training

  1. Fat Loss-our group training clients all see a reduction in fat loss and an increase in muscle mass.  The more muscle you have the less fat you have, the higher your metabolism runs while your body is at rest and losing fat while gaining muscle will change the shape of your body.
  2. Feel Better-once you start to train consistently you will notice you have more energy, you are able to sleep better at night and you feel stronger overall.
  3. Fun-it’s always more fun to workout with a group then by yourself.  Most people don’t think exercising is fun.  Which is why if you can have FUN while you workout you will stick with the program longer and see success!

    3 Features of Group Training

  4. Accountability-Working out with a group helps you build camaraderie and accountability.  We all know working out on our own is hard to do.  There is no on there to push you or to keep you going.  It is much easier to quit when you are working out on your own than when you are in a group and other people are there to help you keep going.
  5. Trainer made workouts-  You don’t have to think about what you should do or how to do a certain exercise.  Our personal trainers are there to lead the workouts and make sure you are doing them correctly.
  6. Easy on the pocket book.  Group Training is less expensive then 1-on-1 training BUT you still get a workout designed by a personal trainer and the trainer leads the group.  So, it like personal training just in a group.

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