What’s the secret?

How did she do it? What is the secret? She must know something that I don’t. That is what I hear everytime I share before and after photos. Everyone seems to think there is a magic pill or secret for the weight loss and they want that too. The secret is….there is no secret! My clients put in the work, they follow the plan, they exercise. Do they fall down sometimes, yes-but I am there to help them back up and back on track. That is life. We need to learn how to be healthy and feel good all the time. We need to learn how to eat for our body and how to move our body. Are you going to fall down, yes-but we need to learn how to get back up and carry on.

So, what did Melissa do to lose almost 30lbs in 7 months?

  1. She decided she was tired of being overweight and she chose to do something about it. She knew she could not do this alone. She knew she needed a coach, an accountability partner, someone to help her navigate through this journey.
  2. We created a nutrition plan to help her reach her goals. We met weekly to discuss wins and struggles. We worked through the struggles and she learned how to navigate restaurants and how to incorporate her favorite foods into her new, healthy nutrition plan.
  3. We worked on mindset, nutrition, holidays, exercise and more. As you can see this is more then just about a diet.

All it takes is 3 things-you deciding you need to change, you choosing a coach that is aligned with your goals and the willingness to be open to change. Because what you are doing now will not work…..otherwise you would not need to lose weight. You need to be willing to change your habits and behaviors. Until you are willing to do these 3 things nothing will change.

Watch this quick Q and A Melissa and I did on What is Nutrition Coaching and how it helped her: https://youtu.be/3aR6s5Sch_I

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