Who needs cardio equipment?

Cardio is not one size fits all.  I would say 99% of my clients do not like to run and they tell me that right away.  I am not a trainer who thinks people need to run to lose weight.  There are so many other ways to get in your cardio for weight loss and heart health.  Also, if you live in a climate like I do, you don’t want to go running outside when it’s -50 below out!

Here is a list of very effective cardio workouts you can do without any cardio equipment and without running.

Boxing-burns about 247 calories per 30 minutes

Battle Ropes-burns about 82 calories per 5 minutes

Jumping Rope-burns about 10 calories per minute

HIIT Workout-burns about 300 calories in 20 minutes

As you can see all these workouts don’t require a ton of time or much equipment.  When you are looking at getting your cardio workout in, don’t be afraid to incorporate other types of workouts that are just as effective or more effective then running.

Get out there and try a new cardio workout today!

If you want to learn more about how you can incorporate these types of workouts into your routine contact me at ptwithlisa@gmail.com

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