3 Tips to Help You Stay on Track

3 Tips to Help You Stay on Track-Summer Edition


  1. Visualize your goals-think about what your goal is, then write it down and post it somewhere you look often-like your bathroom mirror, on your computer screen or on the fridge door. For an added bonus, take a picture of how you want to feel once you reach that goal.  Will you feel proud of yourself, will you feel stronger??….etc.  Post that picture next to your written goal.  Visualizing your goals will help you stay strong when your will power starts to wavier or when you want to give up.
  2. Exercise-Stay on track with your exercise. In the summer we tend to think that walking outside, mowing the yard and gardening are workouts we can do to substitute are workouts in the gym.  They are not.  These are great extra activities we do because it is summer, but they do not replace your gym workouts.  Lifting weights will help you sculpt the lean, tone body you are looking for.  The more muscle you have, the less fat that is on your body PLUS the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism runs even while your body is at rest.
  3. Stay on track with your nutrition-in the mid west we celebrate summer! But you have to remember summer is not a 3 month holiday to eat whatever you want.  Instead of focusing on foods you can’t eat, focus on the foods you can.  Re-make the recipes into something healthier or learn how to choose healthier options.  Remember your goal……is eating deep fried foods every day going to get you there?

Implement these 3 tips in to your day and you will be able to stay on track this summer and go into fall a step  (or two) closer to your goal!

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