42. How to align with your desires

Join Lisa and our guest Dan Mangena as we chat about aligning yourself with your desire’s and learning how to dive into why do you want what you say you want. Listen in to this amazing episode and tell us your #1 takeaway from this episode in the comments.

After receiving a late diagnosis of Asperger’s and experiencing what can only be
described as life-shattering trauma at the age of just 20, Daniel spent the next seven
years struggling to keep these revelations and events from spilling into every area of
his life. As a result of his struggles, Daniel built a simple, four-step system called the
Beyond Intention Paradigm.

Initially built as a lifeline grappling with suicidal thoughts, Beyond Intention was born,
transforming Daniel’s life from misery to celebration. Through his own struggles,
Daniel found a path to lasting joy and purpose and he wants nothing more than to
share the tools that saved his life. To that end, he lives by this mission statement:
“To Spearhead an evolutionary uplift in universal consciousness by awakening people
to the importance of their unique role. This that is already encoded in them by way of
a deep and often ignored or undervalued passion defined as their Dream.”

Through his motivational speech, Daniel shares his vision of empowerment and joy.
The books he has authored, his “Do it With Dan” podcast series (which is available on
all major platforms), regular blogs, published articles and worldwide workshops; have
all helped thousands across the globe. His prolific work recently earned him a spot in
the Wall Street Journal as a “Master of Success”.
As seen on Wall Street Journal, Market Watch, ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX.

Connect with Dan:

Website: Connectwithdan.com

Email: me@danielmangena.com

Twitter: @dreamerceo

Face Book: @dreamerceo

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