61. Turn Your “Blocks” Into Your Superpowers

In today’s special episode author, speaker and entrepreneur Jen Jones chats with us about how you can turn your blocks into your superpowers. This episode speaks specifically to introverts. Learn how to harness your introvert superpower so you can soar to greatness!

Jen has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, both as an owner of a boutique real estate agency and as a business coach consultant. She has successfully scaled businesses by building deep, meaningful relationships with her clients that inspire repeat business and referrals. She lives by the motto go deep not wide.

Jen guides her clients through the four-step process to harness their introvert self, have more energy awareness so they can align their business and life with meaningful connections, elevate relationships, which produce more referral and repeat business with the right people. As the mom of three kids, she gets how important it is to balance family and a fulfilling business that doesn’t drain your battery and burnout. When she’s not showing houses, helping clients or volunteering, you’ll find her enjoying her alone time, yoga, honing her intuition skills, meditating, and journaling.

Learn more about Jen’s book study here: www.femintropreneur.com/study

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