All or Nothing Mindset

Do you have any all or nothing mindset?  Do you think if you eat 1 cookie you blew your “diet” so you might has well eat all the cookies, chips and ice cream?  OR maybe you think if you don’t have 60 minutes to workout there is no point? 

This kind of thinking is what is holding you back from living your healthiest life.  You can eat the cookie and not “blow your diet”.  You can get in a great workout in just 10 minutes.  You just need to re-frame your mindset.

Years ago, I also believed the only way to get in a good workout was one that left you sweaty and sore.  But, after years of believing that and doing that without getting great results I began to wonder-is there an easier way to workout that will still get me the results I want without spending so much time working out and making my body so sore?  Once I asked that question, I decided to start listening to my body, if a move didn’t feel right or the weight felt too heavy, I put it down.  I asked professionals questions, I listened and implemented until I figured out what worked for me.  Pushing my body to the extreme every time I worked out was living in the all or nothing mindset and it was not serving me.  It was actually making me weaker than stronger! 

Learning to let go of that all or nothing mindset does not happen overnight.  You need to implement new habits and new self-talk.  You are basically re-training your brain.  By implementing small changes every day, you can overcome your all or nothing mindset, but you have to allow it to happen.  You have to create space to make that change and you have to find people that are going to support the change.

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