Clear your energy with guest Julia

This episode is amazing! Julia Stubbe is here to guide us through how to clear our energy and protect it. This is a great exercise you can do for yourself and teach to your kids. She takes us through a mediation to clear, ground and shield our energy. Here is the youtube video link we talk about in this episode for this mediation:

Julia Stubbe is an intuitive spiritual counselor and a channel for healing energy, specializing in assisting people in overcoming emotional blockages, spiritual issues, and physical conditions, as well as encouraging growth and wellness within themselves. Using a holistic approach, she interweaves many healing modalities to find a deeper understanding of physical problems. By peeling away the layers of surface challenges and blockages, an understanding and realization of issues through this healing enlightenment are exposed, allowing deeper issues to come to light. This approach facilitates healing transformation through hands-on healing and holistic counseling. 

She channels multiple Galactic and Multi-Dimensional Beings sharing energetic transmissions that clear old programming and activate creative DNA coding, elevating your vibration and frequency, to support you on your journey of unfoldment. An extraordinary spirit, her journey began more than 25 years ago. She is rooted in her deep desire to share a magical gift of mysticism which supports her and her inner guides to help you better navigate around life’s stumbling blocks.

Julia is an intuitive artist and the radio talk show co-host of A Call to Heal, a unique radio show that provides its listeners with the opportunity to heal themselves, thus healing humanity.

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