And the Winners Are…….

Our 28 Day Summer Shakedown Challenge is over! Our participants lost 125lbs in just 28 days!! There were 20 participants so, that is a little over 6lbs lost per person! WHOOT WHOOT!

For this challenge the participants drank 2 smoothies per day, ate 1 meal replacement bar for a snack and made dinner from the recipes provided. This was an excellent challenge for those of you that are short on time, don’t like to make meals or you just want something that is quick to make.

Our winner of highest percent of body weight lost is……….Kristen. She lost over 7% of her body weight in 28 days!

Our winner for most inches lost was Shelley. Shelley lost 8 inches during this challenge.

Our 2nd place for most inches lost was Monica. Monica lost 7.5 inches!

This was a very successful challenge and the participants liked the simplicity of it. Participating in a challenge is a great way to kick-start your weight loss journey and help you change some habits. The key to a successful challenge is consistency AND sticking with it when the 28 days are over.

Congrats to all the participants!! You guys rocked it and I am so proud of you!!

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