Are You Ready To Live Your Healthiest Life?

If you answered No to the title question that this blog post isn’t for you. If you answered YES, then read on my friend and let’s get you started on living your healthiest life!!!

So, how does one go about living their healthiest life? Being healthy is different for everyone. For me it means, feeling my best 95% of the time. (I’m not going to say 100% because sometimes we don’t feel good or we get a cold or just are grumpy) So, how do we feel our best 95% of the time? Well, you have to find what works for you on the nutrition, fitness and mindset front.

For me this looks like reading or listening to uplifting podcasts/self-help or self-discovery books. It means I work out 6 days per week and I eat healthy 80-90% of the time. That doesn’t mean this is what your version of healthy looks like. Perhaps you are a beginner so for you it might mean moving your body for 10 min every day and eating a healthy breakfast. Or maybe it means drinking more water and less soda.

If you are wanting to start living your healthiest life (and really, we all should want this) here is a super easy place to start-The Prove It Challenge. This is a 30 day system to help you start feeling healthier, become more energized and start living your healthiest life. All you do is order the challenge, then start doing it!!

What is involved in the Prove It Challenge you ask? You do a 7 day healthy cleanse (no it’s not a poop cleanse) You just take some super nutrient dense supplements for 7 days and follow my meal plan, that I give you. Then for days 8-30 you drink 1 shake per day and take 1 strip (of vitamins) per day. Seriously, that is it. AND believe me you will see results!! Everyone that has done the Prove It Challenge with me as lost weight, lost inches, reported having more energy and feeling healthier. AND it’s 100% money back guarantee so if you don’t like it-no biggie-you get your $$ back!

So, again, why would you say no to this opportunity? Because you want to feel like crap??? I don’t think so-stop overthinking it and just do it! I promise you will feel healthier and have more energy or your money back!

If you want to learn more about the Prove It Challenge I made you a video!!! Watch it here:

Click here to learn more about the system and to order:

If you want to see results from past Prove It Challenge members check out my instagram at ptwithlisa. If you want a personalized healthprint assessment go to to get started.