How did they do-Fall Fat Burn Challenge participants?

The Fall Fat Burn Challenge at Body Works is over so, how did they do?

This challenge was designed to help the participants lose fat and build muscle. They had to complete 2 heavy lifts per week and 2 strength endurance lifts per week. They did this by attending certain group training sessions that were geared towards helping our participants reach their goals. The participants were also given a meal plan and recipes to follow.

This was a different challenge then the weight loss ones I run. This one was more geared towards working out and eating certain types of foods to hit the macros that were required of them in order to help your body burn fat, build muscle and recover from the workouts.

In weight loss challenges the focus is more on food, changing habits and then workouts.

So, here are the winners:

#1 was Kris. She lost 3.5% body fat in 30 days!

Helen and Kati each lost 5 inches in just 30 days!!


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