Behind the curtain of FASTer Way coaching

I have been a personal trainer/group ex instructor/gym owner for 15 years. I hit 40 and all of a sudden I was gaining weight and everything I was trying: 2 workouts a day, eating less food, more walking, long workouts were not working. I didn’t know what to do. Everything I had been taught was not working. I saw an ad for FASTer Way and decided to join a 6 week round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss May 2021.

In 6 weeks I lost 5 inches in my mid section, got my time back as the workouts were only 30 minutes and I was stronger then I had been in years (even though I was working out at home during these 6 weeks!)

I knew I had to become a coach so I could teach others how to lose inches and feel this good. I knew I had to help my clients so I looked into the certification process and jumped in.

I am so glad I took the leap, got certified and can now teach the FASTer Way to Fat Loss methods to my clients. I weave healthy habits, mindset and personalized nutrition into the 6 week program and beyond. Living your healthiest and happiest life doesn’t have to be hard but you do need a plan!

Watch the video below to hear more about our coaching journey and we answer your most asked questioned. If you want to learn more join our informational call here and grab this guide here

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