Chicken Bacon Gnocchi

2 slices of bacon

1 package of boneless, skinless chicken breast-cut into bite sized pieces

1 bunch of broccoli, cut into bite sized pieces

Extra virgin olive oil

1 package of gnocchi

Pesto or parmesan cheese-optional

Cook the bacon. Once cooked put the bacon on a plate. Drain some of the grease but leave some in the pan. Add 2TBSP olive oil to pan and add the chicken. Cook chicken for 7-10 minutes or until done. Put chicken on plate with bacon. Add 1 TBSP of oil to the pan and add the gnocchi. (I use Isola gluten free gnocchi and use 1 package of the gnocchi for this recipe). Add the broccoli. Cook 7 or so minutes until gnocchi and broccoli are tender.

Crumble the bacon into the pan, add the chicken in the pan with the broccoli and gnocchi. Stir and serve.

Serves 4. After plating add pesto or parmesan cheese.

Macros for 1 serving without pesto or parmesan cheese

40g carbs

7g fiber

21g fat

31g protein

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