Did the Prove It Challenge Work?

About a month ago I wrote a post called, Will the Prove It Challenge Work? A group of us were starting a 30 Day Prove It Challenge. You can read that post here

This post is about, did it work???? First, let me tell you what we did:

  1. Ready, Set, Cleanse
    The challenge starts with our 7-Day Healthy Cleanse to completely reset your system. The cleanse uses a carefully selected combination of supplements and a supporting food plan to help improve focus and energy, improve sleep quality, and support detox and healthy digestion. The cleanse also helps jump-start weight loss and reduce cravings, giving you a fresh start to your healthier lifestyle. To break down a single day of the cleanse, you have a morning packet and evening packet of supplement combinations designed to maximize your results. Then follow the food plan that will be sent to you.
  2. A Strip and Shake a Day
    After completing the 7-day cleanse, your new daily nutrition routine starts; choose one meal out of the day and replace it with a glass of Life Shake and a Vitalizer supplement strip. It’s nearly impossible to get all the nutrients your body needs from your diet alone, so this routine introduces clinically proven nutrition to support your heart, brain, vision, bones, immune system, and overall health. Keeping up with this routine means your body will be receiving 23 essential vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, pre- and probiotics, and non-GMO protein every single day, and that makes a huge difference. We also followed a meal plan+recipes for the 30 days.
  3. Keep it Going
    The best part about this challenge is that it makes it easy to keep health and nutrition as a priority. After 30 days you can continue your daily nutrition routine of a strip and shake. In doing so you adopt a healthy habit that can only benefit your lifestyle in the long run.

How Does It Work?

The key behind the Prove It Challenge is the combination of proven nutrition and healthy habits. After all, we want to help you build your healthier lifestyle, but we also want to help you maintain it. The challenge gets you in the habit of receiving the vitamins, minerals, and protein that your body needs on a daily basis, and it does so with an easy-to-remember nutrition routine.

What was the result?

We tracked 13 bio markers of health and here is the before and after results.
As you can see the results are amazing!! We are feeling over healthier, less bloated, less fatigue, and less sugar cravings just to name a few. Here is a testimonial from one of the participants, ” My number one change is that I can’t believe how much better my body feels as far as recovery.  My body used to ache 24/7 from working out and it is actually recovering and I have never felt better.  I cannot believe that this small change has made this BIG of a difference.” It amazing how much better you feel when your body gets the nutrients it needs to thrive!

If you are interested in joining the next 30 Day Prove It Challenge-reach out to me at ptwithlisa@gmail.com and I’ll add you to the waiting list. You can view recipes and health tips at www.personaltrainingwithlisa.com and www.bodyworksprescott.com