Fitness Trends for 2017

Fitness Trends for 2017

It’s 2017-Happy New Year!  With a New Year comes new trends in all areas-food, home design, fitness, and health just to name a few.  It’s exciting to see new trends and what is going to stick with people.  Here are a few of the trends you can expect to see for fitness in 2017.

  1. Group Training-Group Training is typically 5+ people working out with a trainer.  This format is a great way to lose weight and have fun.  This format has been popular and will continue to be popular as people want a more personalized experience at a gym.
    You can read more about Group Training here:  or watch this video

    2. Barre Classes-Barre was hot in 2016 and it will continue to be hot this year.  Barre is an amazing lower body/core workout.  This workout will tone your hips, glutes, thighs, core and more!!  If you have not tried a Barre class you are missing out!  This is a great workout for those that have joint issues or need to do body weight exercises.  If you think Barre is not hard-you must be doing something wrong! So run, don’t walk to your nearest Barre class and sign up today.  I teach Barre Fusion at Body Works and you can sign up here for the class:

    3. Athleisure wear-Don’t worry this trend is not going anywhere.  You can easily transition from yoga at the studio to coffee with your friends by adding a cute sweater.  Need to workout over your lunchtime? No problem.  Check out these amazing workout pants that double as office wear!!  This will really cut down on your changing time!

    4. Boutique Gyms-this trend started a few years ago with places like Pure Barre, Orange Theory, SoulCycle…etc.  This trend continues because people are wanting a more personalized experience during their workout.  MplsStPaul magazine just wrote an article about this trend.  You can check it out here:   For the people in Prescott you are LUCKY!  Body Works has brought all of this to YOU!  We offer customized workouts via our Group Training and Semi Private Training memberships.  We offer classes that are on trend in the fitness industry AND we offer an amazing nutrition program that you can’t find anywhere else in the area.  At Body Works we will help you find your fit.  Click here to see our website:

    There is my list of the top trends for fitness this year.  Try them out and let me know which ones you like best!
    You can reach me at or I can’t wait to hear from you!