Group Training-what is it and is it for me?

Group Training-what is it and is it for me?


When you walk into a gym do you feel overwhelmed?  Do you think, “What am I supposed to be doing to reach my fitness goal?” Your workout consists of logging in countless miles on the cardio machines because the thought of weight lifting is intimidating or you would have no idea where to begin with the different types of weights. You can try looking in fitness magazines for a cookie cutter workout they promise will “melt those pounds away”, or you can train with a personal trainer who can guarantee success in your fitness endeavors.

Group Training is a great way to help you reach your health and fitness goals.   Group Training is great for beginners.  Group Training is training done with a personal trainer in a group of 10 or less participants.  You will get a workout to do that will be cardiovascular and strength training based.  The trainer that works with the group will be able to offer modifications if you need them during any point of your workout.  This type of training is great for people who like to have fun while working out and who enjoy working out in a larger group setting. In these group training sessions you still have the accountability of showing up to work out with a personal trainer, but you will not have the pressure of having someone watching your every move.  Group Training feels like personal training in a group.  You have the expertise of working with a trainer and it is cheaper on the pocketbook.  Click this link to see a Group Training session in action:

Group Training Video


What have past and current Group Training members said about Group Training:

“I like the accountability and meeting new people”

“I like the workouts”

“I like knowing I am working out with a personal trainer”

Don’t waste any more time wondering what you should be doing at the gym.  Schedule your free consultation at to learn more about Group Training.