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Fast and healthy probably isn’t what you think of when you hear the words “gourmet meals” but that is what we are bringing to you.  Ptacek’s IGA and Body Works have teamed up to bring you gourmet meals that are easy to prepare no matter what level of cook  you are.  This service provides you with recipes for 3 meals (that feed 2 people per meal or 4 people per meal), Ptacek’s IGA does the grocery shopping for you.  All you have to do is go to Ptacek’s IGA on Monday’s and pick up your groceries.  While you are there you can pick up what you need for the rest of the week and then head home.

These meals are portion controlled for you and they are all healthy recipes (meaning lower in calories, sodium and fat).  The groceries are about 90% organic so you can feel good knowing you are feeding your family healthy meals with no added chemicals.

I know it can be scary thinking you have to cook the food, but the recipes are very easy to follow.  Most recipes take less then 30 minutes and even beginners can follow them!  And what if you don’t like something in the box???  This idea is also about trying new foods.  Why do you think it is ok to say “I don’t like sweet potatoes” even though you have never tried them.  It’s the same thing as your boss telling you “I’m giving you a raise.” and you say “no thanks I don’t want a raise because I don’t know what it’s like to have more money”    Sounds ridiculous right.  It’s just like your mom always told you-don’t say you don’t like it unless you try it.  Also, did you know your taste buds can change?  Yup, maybe you tried sweet potatoes as a kid and didn’t like them, well try them again maybe cooked a different way and you just may like them!  So, be adventurous and give new foods a chance.

Another great thing about this service is the meal planning is done for you.  You don’t have to worry about what you are going to be feeding the family for 3 suppers.  It is taken care of for you!  No more frozen pizza’s that are loaded with fat, calories, saturated fat and sodium.  Yes, frozen pizzas and other frozen meals may be cheaper but they are so bad for you.  Do you think it is OK to feed your kids a food that is high in fat, calories, and sodium?  I have never heard a parent say, “Yes, I want to feed my kids the worst foods.  Yes, I want to feed them foods that are bad for them”  Nope, I’ve never heard that, yet that is what you are doing when you whip up the box of hamburger helper.  Take a second to think about that………..Now WHY are you not using this service?  You will be teaching your kids how to cook healthy, easy recipes.  You will be teaching them that healthy foods don’t mean bland and boring and you will be helping them and you be healthier.

Click on the link (or copy and paste into your browser) to learn more about the Gourmet Meal service http://www.bodyworksprescott.com/ptaceksbody-works-meal-plans/

What’s the worst thing that could happen?  You decide it’s not a good fit for your family.  OK, then cancel.  No big deal.  BUT don’t decide you don’t like it until you have tried it!




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