The Time I Tried A Cleanse

The Time I Tried A Cleanse

and what happened……………….

I finally tried a 7 day cleanse.  Yup, I have not tried a cleanse before.  Why, you ask? Because most of them are either a poop cleanse or a fasting cleanse (meaning you can’t eat for 1-2 days).  I don’t really want to be on the toilet all day (does anyone?) and I like to eat, so the fasting cleanse is always out.  I know I could not eat for 1-2 days but I don’t want to.  I like to eat.  So, that is why I haven’t tried a cleanse before this month.

A few of us got together and decided to try a 7 day healthy cleanse.  It is not a poop cleanse nor is it a fasting cleanse.  We ate food (chicken, fruit, veggies, eggs..etc) and took a supplement pack in the morning and in the evening.  The supplements are designed to help increase your energy, decrease your bloat, jump start weight loss and reduces cravings.  (I know you are wondering…..did you drink some weird drink? No, it is herbal supplements like senna, alfalfa, and a probiotic)   Anyways, we completed 7 days and the results were impressive!

Our average inches lost was 6.25 and average pounds lost were 6.4lbs.  I know some of you are saying, ” you can’t lose 6.4lbs in 7 days”  Well, you can-it’s mostly water weight but that is true of any weight loss in the beginning.  What this healthy cleanse is designed to do is jump start your weight loss and reduce your cravings so you can continue past the 7 days with making healthy choices so you can reach your goal weight.

The number 1 thing all 5 of us said about this 7 day healthy cleanse is “it reduced my sugar cravings”.  Having all these super nutrients in your body reduces cravings for sugar.  Some of the other comments were

“I have more energy during the day”

“I am not bloated anymore”

“I have not felt the need to reach for candy throughout the day”

Since this 7 day healthy cleanse was such a success I have been incorporating this cleanse into my challenges I run.

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