Your #1 excuse

You Just Don’t Have Time!


The #1 excuse I get from people as to why they can’t workout or do a nutrition program………they just don’t have time.  Well, that is a load of crap.  We all have to same 24 hours in a day-it is how you use those 24 hours that matters.  What you prioritize is what will get done.  Watch the video below to see what you REALLY mean when you say, ” I just don’t have time”.

WARNING: some of you will not like this video, some of you will disagree with me and it will make some of you uncomfortable.  But, I think you need to hear the truth.

Also, I am not judging you by your choices I am simply explaining what I have seen and what my experiences have been working in the fitness/health industry.  Your choices are your choices but don’t complain to me that it isn’t fair you are not losing weight when you go out to fast food restaurants and overeat every night.  Own up to the fact that you are sabotaging yourself and you are really not trying that hard.  Then, when you are ready to change your mindset contact me because I truly want to help you.  I want everyone to learn how to be healthy and still enjoy all your favorite foods/drinks.  It is all about mindset and learning how to eat for your body.

Watch the video below and when you are ready you can reach me at OR OR 

Hope to hear from you soon!