108. Confidence and Mindset with Trish Blackwell

Today’s guest is the amazing Trish Blackwell.

Trish Blackwell is the host of The Confidence Podcast and founder of The College of Confidence, an online school that helps people from all over the world learn how to build confidence and live a life they love. She’s also the mom to two energetic kids who she loves to travel the world with as a family. In her spare time, Trish snowboards (which she’s pretty obsessed with), drinks espresso, and journals like a maniac. And up until a few years ago, she struggled with insecurity and self-doubt – which is why she started The College of Confidence in the first place. Nowadays, Trish is passionate about helping others find their confidence and live their best lives. Her podcast – The Confidence Podcast – has been downloaded over 5 million times, and she’s excited to continue inspiring people all over the world to become their most confident selves.

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