60. Is Your Health Insurance Working for You?

Today’s topic is designed to get you thinking. Most American’s have health insurance through their employers but what is that really your best option? My guest, Ben John, is an expert in the area of affordable, honest healthcare coverage. Join us as we chat about other options available to you that could save you money and get better care!

Ben lives in the small town of Hammond, WI on the WI/MN border with his beautiful wife of 11 years and 3 children. He recently moved up here to start a business in order to help businesses and individuals navigate the broken healthcare system.  Ben personally hasn’t had health insurance for his family for 5 years and yet has the best healthcare he’s ever had.  Other than living the startup life with three young kids, he loves competing in triathlons and assistant coaching the local high school wrestling team.

You can learn more about Empower Health here: theempowersolution.com

Reach out to Ben here: Linked In or ben@theempowersolution.com 

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