Fitness Tips for Every Decade

Fitness Tip for Every Decade!

What you did in your 20’s will no longer work in your 40’s.  As we get older our health and fitness needs to change as well.  This list is take you through the decades and give you some tips you can implement no matter what decade you are in.

In your 20’s-now is the time to build healthy habits.  It is much easier to learn how to eat healthy, to start healthy habits and to learn to exercise when you are young.

  • Clean up your diet.  You might have been able to eat bags of chips and frozen pizza in your teens but these unhealthy foods will catch up to you.  Learn how to eat a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Learn to cook.  Cooking your own foods to so much cheaper then going out to eat plus you can control your portions.  There are a ton of youtube vidoes or watch Food Network if you need help with your cooking skills.
  • Find a workout you love.  Whether it is lifting weights, taking group exercise classes, or running get moving.  Finding what you exercises you love to do now will help you deal with stress as you get older.

    In your 30’s-now is the time to learn how to relieve stress and lift weights

  • Most people in their 30’s have a family, mortgage, a job….stress.  Finding things you like to do to help you relieve stress will help with your mental and physical health.  You can try mediation, slow walks, watching a funny show…etc.
  • Lift weights-around age 32 we start to lose 2% of our muscle each year!!  If you are not lifting weights you are always in a decline.  This can lead to lots of other issues as you get older.  Hire a personal trainer, attend a weight lifting class, or find a group exercise class that incorporates weights so you learn how to lift them properly.

    In your 40’s-now is the time to continue exercising and watch your diet

  • Watch your starchy carbohydrate intake-when you are pre-menopause or in menopause your body is going through some crazy hormone changes.  It becomes very easy for some people to gain weight around the middle.  Minimize your starchy carb intake (rice, pasta, bread, potatoes) to help with this issue.
  • Exercise-if you have not been exercising now is the time to start.  Your body is going to start to decline and exercise will help slow that process.  Combine strength training with cardio and stretching to get a full body workout

    In your 50’s and beyond

  • Get your OM on-try yoga or another stretching class.  It is very important, as we age, to keep our flexibility and balance on track.  We lose these 2 things if we don’t use them!  Find a yoga class or stretching class in your area.  Take it 1-2 times per week to see the benefits.
  • Watch your sugar intake-make sure you are eating a balanced diet and not too many sugary sweets.  Keep the dessert to 1-2 times per week and share it.  Eating a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates and fat will help you keep the weight off and feeling good.

    Implement these tips to help you reach your fitness goals no matter what decade you are in.  If you want more information about nutrition and exercise you can find me at and