Have a Healthy Fall Season

 Healthy Fall Season

5 Tips to Help You

The leaves are changing, Halloween is almost here…..fall is upon us.  There are plenty of ways you can switch up your routine to keep you healthy all fall long!  Here are 5 easy tips:

  1. Walk outside-layer up and head outside.  Enjoy the leaves changing color and the crisp air.  Being in nature can have a calming effect on some people so take a deep breath and enjoy the new season!
  2. Eat healthy seasonal food-enjoy all the seasonal produce of fall like pumpkins, squash, cranberries, brussel sprouts.  Here is a delicious black bean and squash chili you can try https://personaltrainingwithlisa.com/butternut-squash-black-bean-chili/

3. Enjoy the seasonal activities-try out a corn maze or head to the local apple festival. Planning something fun gives you something to look forward to and trying new activites is good for brain health.

4. Get nutrients and boost your immunity with supplements-Eat vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamin A and C. It’s a good idea to take a multivitamin to help fill nutrition gaps, boost your immunity and support your overall health. Also, your immune system is connected to the health of your gut, so taking a probiotic supplement is a good idea to keep your immune system strong during the fall and coming winter months.

5. Exercise-continue to workout.  You might need to take your workout indoors but continuing to workout will help you reach your health and fitness goals but most importantly exercise helps keep you happy!  And we all know this time of year some people start to show signs of seasonal affective disorder.  Exercise has been shown to help decrease the symptoms on seasonal affective disorder.  Try a new class or routine, you might find something else you like.

I hope these tips help you to not only enjoy the fall season but have a healthy one as well!

Happy Fall!

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