It’s just not working

“It’s just not working”

I hear this a lot!  People will tell me they are following this diet or that diet and it’s just not working.  According to the diet you were suppose to lose 25lbs in 2 weeks……you know that’s not true…right??!

You feel like you have done everything-you follow the diet to a T, exercise and the scale is not budging.  It’s very frustrating.  Here are three tips to consider if this is you…………..


  1. Be SUPER honest-are you really following it to a T?  Journal everything you eat, measure your food to make sure you are not eating a bit too much of that or too little of this.  2 bites of your kids mac-n-cheese add up over time.  Also, are you really drinking all the water?  Most people think they are but once you start journaling what you are truly eating and drinking you can usually find the cause of the problem.
  2. Exercise-are you  doing cardio on end because that is what you “think” your suppose to do?  STOP!  STOP doing so much cardio-it will not work especially if you are in menopause.  Pick up the weights-try strength training 3 days per week and cardio, 30 minutes 2-3 days per week.  This will help you build lean muscle, burn fat and re-shape your body.
  3. Is it right for you-Is this diet right for you and your body?  Just because it worked for your friend does not meat it will work for you.  Anything that eliminates a food group is going to be hard to follow.  Find something that you will be able to do even after the “diet” is over.  If you have yo-yo’ed dieted in the past then give your body time to adjust to the new way of eating.  Stay consistent with your nutrition and exercise and you will see results.

Mindset also plays a big role in losing weight.  Make sure you are losing weight for the right reason.  Find your why and stick with it.  If you need help, I’m here to help you!!  You can find me at and