Meal Replacement Review

Meal Replacement Shake Review


Last week I taste tested and reviewed protein powders.  You can find that one here:

I also wanted to taste test meal replacement shakes.  What is the difference you ask?  Well, protein powder is something you add to a shake to increase your protein intake.  Typically, there is not much else in the protein powder besides protein.  Meal replacement shakes are meant to be a meal replacement, meaning there is protein, carbohydrates and fat grams in the shake.  You don’t need to add anything but liquid to the meal replacement shakes.

I tasted quite a few and there were only 2 that come up as the winner.  The reason some of the other ones didn’t make the cut is: flavor, smell, and amount of protein/carbs/fat grams (most of them are not balanced-too low in something, too high in other things)

The 2 winners are: Optavia and Isagneix!!

Optavia is more then shakes.  It is about teaching healthy habits so you lose weight and keep it off OR if you don’t have weight to lose then it teaches you how to be healthy.  With Optavia’s programs everyone works with a health coach weekly to learn healthy habits, emotional eating, dining out options…etc.  They have shakes, bars, and food.  If you are looking to lose weight and need something that is done for you I would highly recommend checking them out.  You can take a the health assessment here: or contact me at lisa@personaltrainingwithlisa to set up your free nutrition consult.

Isagenix has shakes, protein powder, protein bars and much more.

With so many supplements on the market today, it’s hard to know what works, what is high quality, and what is worth your time and effort.  Isagenix products are soy free, most items are gluten free, and they are all made from high quality ingredients. Their commitment to scientific research is second to none and their recently acquired certification from Informed Sports is the proof.  Isagenix offers more then just weight loss products.  They also offer products for building muscle and anti-aging.   If you are looking for nutrition help check out Isagenix here:  

or email me at lisa@personaltrainingwithlisa for a free nutrition consult.

Don’t waste your time and money on other meal replacement shakes.  These 2 are top of the line, backed by experts and taste great.  Let me know what you want me to try next!

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