Update on 28 Day Kickstart Challenge

Update on our 28 Day Kickstart Challenge

I wanted to do a quick update on our 28 Day Kickstart Challenge.  We just finished week 2 and everyone is doing amazing!  As a group we have lost over 147lbs in 2 weeks!  WOWZA!!  Dani was our week 1 winner losing 5% of her body weight and Nicole was our week 2 winner losing over 2% of her body weight.

During this 28 Day Kickstart Challenge we are learning portion sizes, trying some delicious recipes, eating to fuel our bodies and teaching our bodies to stop craving sugar.   My favorite thing about this challenge has been the participants.  The participants in the challenge has been posting pictures to our private FaceBook page and it is so fun to see what people are making.  Plus, it’s motivating because you see other people sticking with it so that helps you stay accountable.

We have 2 weeks left on this program and I can’t wait to see the results!!  I know they will be impressive.

Below are a few pictures of the food we have been eating.

If you are interested in joining our next Kickstart please click on this link  http://bodyworks.balancedhabits.com/kickstart/   just fill out the form and we will put you on the pre-registration list.  Our next Kickstart is in May.  (You don’t want to miss out!!)

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