3 Tips to help you lose weight

3 Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Are you ready to lose weight?  Are you done with yo-yo dieting?  Do you want to feel better, feel empowered to make a good decision when it comes to food?  Do you want to stop stress eating?  Do you want this to be the last “diet” you go on?  Then keep reading…….

In order to lose weight you need 3 things:

  1. Proper Nutrition
  2. Strength Training
  3. Cardiovascular Exercise

Let’s break each of these tips down:

#1 Proper Nutrition-it is more then just eating healthy, it is learning what to eat,  at what times to eat to maximum fat loss.  It is learning the 3 macro nutrients to help fuel your body so your body will allow for fat loss.

#2 Strength Training- studies have shown that strength training is critical to not only weight loss but to maintain your weight once you have lost it.  Learning proper technique and what exercises to do will help expedite weight loss and reduce your risk of injury.  Working out with other people will increase your chance of sticking with the program and will help you stay accountable.  Group Training and Semi Private Training are both great examples of this.  You can learn more about Group Training here:    https://personaltrainingwithlisa.com/group-training-what-is-it-and-is-it-for-me/

you can learn more about Semi Private Training here: https://personaltrainingwithlisa.com/blast-fat-and-gain-muscle/


#3 Cardiovascular Exercise-cardiovascular exercise is important to heart health but is not the first thing you should be doing if you want to lose weight.  In some people doing an excess of cardiovascular exercise has the opposite effect-it will cause weight gain.

So, if you are ready to finally   learn how to eat a balanced, healthy meal and lose weight AND feel great while you are doing it then click here: http://bodyworks.balancedhabits.com/life/   send us a message and we will contact you to chat about your goals.  So, are you ready to start being the healthiest version of you all while still eating cake and having a glass of wine??!