What A Trainer Eats

What A Trainer/Nutritionist Eats

I get asked this question a lot, “What do you eat?”  I know it’s because people think there is a magic pill or some secret I know to help me stay healthy but reality is, I eat healthy and exercise.  I do both of those things day in and day out.  Consistency and being persistent is what will help you lose weight and maintain it.  Why doesn’t the media tell you that?  Because it’s not sexy and it does not sell ad space….what does sell ad space-LOSE 40LBS IN  20 DAYS-seriously…….how many times do I have to tell you-that does NOT work!  You might lose that weight BUT you will GAIN it all back plus more!

On to my pictures.  Here is a 1 day snapshot of what I eat.  And yes, I eat like this 98% of the time.  Do I sometimes have ice cream, chocolate, chips..etc.  YES.  Do I have them every day-no.  And when I do have them I don’t eat the whole bag.  I enjoy a portion and then put them away.


I almost always start the day with a protein smoothie.  They are easy and quick to make.  Plus, you can make up your own recipes.  What pumpkin pie or maybe your feeling like a pina colda smoothie…..put it in, blend it up and drink it.


For lunch I typically eat soup or a salad.  This is a great way to get in a lot of veggies for the day.  I do make most of my meals ahead of time then just re-heat when it’s time to eat.


If I am headed to the gym I will grab a PureFit bar to eat on the way.  If I am at home I will make a smoothie bowl (smoothie with granola on top) or veggies and hummus or fruit with almonds and string cheese


Supper is typically a protein, carb and healthy fat.  Tonight was turkey tacos (lower right hand side).  This photo also shows one of my favorite salads to eat at lunch and a berry smoothie for breakfast.

So, as you can see this does not sell ad space nor does is make you want to run train with me (I’m not shouting false claims) but I am showing you the reality of what it takes to be healthy.  Eating properly and training properly will get you to your goals.  Will you get there in 10 days NO.  It will take time.  You didn’t gain your weight in 10 days either so stop thinking it will come off so fast.

The name of the game is being persistent and consistent with your diet.   So, if you are serious about learning how to lose weight the healthy way and learn how to keep it off then you can chat with me here: http://bodyworks.balancedhabits.com/life/

Hope to chat with you soon!