Results from the January 28 Day Kickstart

Results from the January 28 Day Kickstart

Amazing, stunning, proud, excited these are just a few of the words to describe the results from our 28 Day Kickstart!  These 30 ladies learned how to eat the correct portion sizes for them, learned what macro nutrients fuel their bodies and did group training 2 days per week.  Everyone lost weight, lost inches, lost fat and gained lean muscle.  That last part ( lost fat and gained lean muscle) is very important because in order to continue to lose weight and maintain it you need lean muscle otherwise you will gain the weight you lost back.

If you want to know more about body composition check out the video below


On to our winners and their before and after photos:

Our 1st place winner was Laura C.  Laura lost 7.9% of her body weight in 28 days!


Our 2nd place winner was Dani M.  Dani lost 6.99% of her body weight in only 28 days!

We had a tie for who lost the most inches!  Nicole G and Jessica H both lost 16 inches!!!  More then half of our participants lost over 10 inches.  AMAZING!


and Jessica:

Our Cardio Queen, the one who do all their homework and then some went to Becca V.  Becca lost 9lbs and 10 inches!

During this 28 Day Kickstart our partipants where required to keep a daily food journal.  The one with the best journal……Jean H

Jean lost 7lbs and 10 inches all in under 1 month!

And our dedication award goes to the person who did not cheat during the 28 days, stuck with it even when they didn’t want to…….Jill R.

Jill lost 15lbs and 14.5 inches

Everyone did such an amazing job.  This was the BEST challenge I have ever been apart of.  There are so many more before and after photos so make sure to Like our Facebook page so you can see them.


Congratulations to everyone!!!  And if you want these amazing results our next 28 Day Kickstart will be in May.  Click here to put your name on the pre-registeration list: