Summer Workouts

Summer Workouts


It is getting warmer outside and you have things to do: mow the lawn, rake, plant flowers…etc so most people put their workouts to the side during the summer months.  You rationalize it by saying, “mowing the lawn is a workout”, “pulling weeds is a workout”….etc.  These are excuses!  Pulling weeds is not the same as lifting weights.  You could count mowing the lawn as cardio IF you are using a push mower and going at a fast pace.

I know some of you don’t want to be inside working out but a 30 minute workout is less then 2% of your day!  Today I wanted to give you 2 quick (15 minutes or less) strength workouts you can do this summer to keep you on track with your fitness goals and keep you strong.

Find the videos to each of the exercises listed below at:

The first one is one you can do at the gym.  This is a total body workout.  Use weights that are heavy enough so you can feel the muscles working towards the end of the reps:

12 reps/3 sets

squat, cable row, deadlift, incline bench press, lunge with press, russian twist, plank with leg lift and double crunch.


The second workout is an at home workout.  You need a stability ball and dumbbells for this workout:

12 reps/3 sets

Hip bridge on ball, chest press on ball, reverse fly, step up with press,  side plank dips, double crunch, 1 arm dumbbell swing, alternating superman

Don’t let summer stop you from working out.  You worked too hard this winter to let is slide for the next 3 months.  Plus, if you keep up the workouts if won’t be so hard to get back to your routine come fall.

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