5 Easy Tips to Change Your Eating Habits

We all know in order to be healthy or to lose weight we need to make changes to our eating habits.  It can be overwhelming though to have to drastically change your habits over night.  Good news…..you don’t have to.  Here are 5 easy ways you can change your eating habits.  Pick 1 to try this week, next week try another one…etc, until you have tried them all.

  1. Eat off of smaller dinner plates.  Research has shown people who eat off of smaller plates consume fewer calories.  This is the easiest change you can make.  The bigger the plate you have the more food you put on it.  Use a salad plate or buy smaller plates.
  2. Try 1 new food per week.  A lot of people don’t like certain veggies or fruits because they didn’t when they were children, but your palate changes as you get older, so try those brussels sprouts you don’t think you like……..you just might find out you do!
  3. Try to eat slower.  Research shows people who eat their meal in 9 minutes or faster consume 80 more calories then people who take longer to eat.  It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain you are full, so if you eat quickly your brain doesn’t get the signal that you are full until you are TOO full.
  4. Add more protein into your diet.  Protein keeps you fuller for longer.  Try to eat 1 serving of protein at each meal and snack.  Protein also helps you lose weight while keeping your lean muscle.
  5. Get rid of white flour.  Try whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal…etc.  The extra fiber will fill you up and keep bloating at bay.

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